Who Is The Heart?

Published on: March 15, 2017

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The New York City streets filled Ilegal Mezcal opening of “The Collaborations,” created by Bio, Nick Walker and Crash. There are forty magical pieces in total, but only 21 hung from the brick walls. The atmosphere was extremely different from your average opening. The sounds of the night were provided by mix tape legend, DJ G-BO THE PRO. I personally did not hear any whispers about who or what trains were bombed, or someone is copying someone else’s style! There were only professionals in the building.

Talks about “The Collaborations” show started while Bio was painting a wall with Crash. Eventually, Crash was finally in the studio with Nick Walker, and the call was made. Originally only 1, or 2 pieces were painted, but over the course of 2 years, the project expanded, and was finally complete.

A half a hour before the doors opened, I spoke with Bio and asked him for a quick outline on my perspective, “Who is the heart?”

“The heart is me,” said Wilfredo Bio Feliciano. Bio attended JHS 127 in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. He met Brim and Mack there and since the beginning of Tats Cru, he has never painted a the heart, until 2009.

The signature heart was painted in Puerto Rico in 2009. While visiting the island, Bio’s longtime friends, How and Nosm were painting a mural. When Bio heard the news, he went to visit the wall. The twins, How and Nosm, left a space for Bio to paint. So, naturally, he painted his name, but because it was Valentines Day, he decided to paint the dot with a heart. (Photo below)

A good friend said, “It’s a weird heart, but I like it, I haven’t seen a heart like that. It’s not perfect, but it works.” The first Bio signature heart was made with 4 layers, and current hearts vary with 3 fat layers of endless racked colors.

“After awhile, people were asking, where is the heart?” said Bio. “The heart has changed, evoked, and fattened over the years.”

“The Collaborations” ends mid March, but Nick Walker will be taking his talents overseas for his solo show in Paris.


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