Beyond The Gate With Jon143_

Published on: July 26, 2021

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There is absolutely no comparison to the murals or installations Jon143 has painted in New York City. The Byrd Gang 2.0 gate located on 113th Street is only a tiny sample to ‘Jon Pop Paints’ works of art.   

This gate marked Entertainment One’s (Eone) first promotion for Jim Jones new rap group, Byrd Gang 2.0 which is featured in Jones’s new music video ‘Hip-hop’ featuring Dyce Payso and Shoota.


Jon 143 explains that when you paint a mural by yourself, it feels good, but when getting up with other graffiti artists, it’s different because you get to display a little more of your skills. Hitting a gate is always challenging.  However, it teaches you how to work the can, and he’s heard it from the best – Tats Cru, Cey Adams and CrashOne just to name a few, “Can control is everything!”

YouTube video

“Every gate is the same, but every wall is different.”

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