The Return of Crotona Park Jams With DJ Mell Starr

Crotona Park Jams have been a staple for eighteen years strong. Prior to the pandemic, the Jams were originally produced by Christie Zee and Pop Master Fabel. It wasn’t until Summer 2019 when “Cold Crush Brothers” member, Grandmaster Caz, took over as producer, and continued Crotona Park Jams at the famous amphitheater

Who plays at the Jams? Well, Caz’s Rolodex of legendary DJ’s is unmatched, and, theoretically, he can contact anyone. 

Caz said, “Coming back in 2021 was mad important keeping the Crotona Park Jams alive!” The process of selecting his DJs comes straight out of his head. Factoring his long relationships with everyone he has been affiliated with, you never know who’s gonna show up at the Park, seriously!

July 15, 2021 Crotona Park Jams Flyer featuring Chuck Chillout, DJ Mell Starr, Grandmaster Caz, and DJ Flawless will be remembered as the return. The week prior was the Jams opener, unfortunately, it was postponed due to heavy rain. However, out of all the DJs in the world, Caz calls DJ Mell Starr aKa Mr. No Headphones in Harlem, “my DJ,” and is “amazed with his talent” anytime he gets to showcase it. – “Especially when the park is packed!”

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