Salese Is Not Your Average Italian

Published on: February 3, 2017

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Salese is not your average Italian from Little Italy. Salese was Born in the Bronx, but raised by the streets. He has been performing on unique Hip-hop stages for the past 10 years. A veteran to the underground rap game, successful business owner, and family man. Plus he is a respected public figure in the community amongst his peers.

So, from being in the industry to the night life. Salese has become very familiar to his fans, and recognized performing all over the Tri-State area, but he has never asked for anything in return except respect.

Starting in the streets, and graduating from college while performing on various platforms. Salese has never over shadowed himself, and he is not in the game for fame. Truth, no bullshit, he really loves music, and that is what inspires him to create his diverse Italian sound. No mattter how big the record or event has been. Salese continues to provide and produce professional results. 

Like I said, Rob Salese is not your average Italian. So, maybe you’ll remember him from a cypher with Kanye West? “Pretty Dope.”

The hustle will never stop! Salese has positive, diverse energy that is uptempo, and can’t be boxed in. His drive is way beyond multifaceted genres.

As Salese said, “It’s been a long journey. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. And to me, It doesn’t matter how you start the race, it’s how you finish. And 2nd place, just isn’t me…!”

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