Rooftop Legends 2019

Published on: November 7, 2019

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Rooftop Legends emulates the total graffiti experience minus the train yard. It’s more than a lifestyle. It’s love and passion. Rooftop Legends brings it all together, past to present. True artists that share the same dream of getting up. Curator, Jesse Pais has created a community of artists congregating annually on the rooftop of New Design High School.

The styles were phenomenal. There were a lot of colors to take in with one visit. The sights from Rooftop Legends and sounds provided by The Heavy Hitter DJs was absolute fire. DJ Enuff and DP-One represented on the set. My highlight of the day was seeing graffiti artist CES in person. Surprisingly, I didn’t take, nor ask for a photograph, but I did capture his unique presence on film. One wall after another, everyone’s mural art was flashy and dope. The Mural Kings got up 3-days as-per-usual to event. The Bronx Natives, Tats Cru BIO, BG183, and NICER crushed their ‘Roof is On Fire piece.’

“I can’t wait until next year!”

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