Convict Visits New York Comic-Con With Sheriff Deadpool

Published on: November 7, 2019

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NYCC 2019

If you’ve seen one New York Comic-Con, you seen them all, right? Possibly, but this edition takes a twist visiting Jacob K. Javits Convention Center with two characters. One, a convict played by Gennaro Ferraiolo, American Italian actor, and Sheriff Deadpool played by Richard Sanchez, a toy expert from Washington Heights, N.Y. Their journey to NYCC began in The Boogie Down Bronx riding the number 2 train downtown. Many spectators posed for pictures and numerous kids and adults were happy to see Sheriff Deadpool keeping close eye and chain on the convict.

The Javits Center has been hosting NYCC for 14 years. At least 200,000 thousand tickets were sold for the four-day event. It was pandemonium, walking through the grounds was electric and super fun. The overall interaction of cosplay and food will never get played out. I have to admit, you’ll never know who you’ll bump into at Comic Con if you don’t go again and again.  

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