Graffiti Hall of Fame 2019 (Behind The Scenes) With Tats Cru

Published on: August 31, 2019

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The Graffiti Hall of Fame on 106th and Park Ave front wall is exclusively commissioned by Tats Cru. Nobody’s allowed to get up on GHOF front wall unless it is Tats approved. The Mural Kings haven’t bombed 106th St. front wall since 2016. With this year’s new “HARLEM” makeover by Artist, BG183, CRASH, Nick Walker, BIO, DAZE and Nicer once again, displays raw talent bursting with colors. It was a hot and long Thursday afternoon with a lot of wall to cover. Each artist was designated to paint inside a letter from the word “HARLEM”. Based on my experience, there’s no wall to small or too big for the Tats Cru to paint. However, I can tell you, it takes a full Cru to pull off the 106th St. front wall. Director Nelly Nel and Street Art Nomad journalist, Karin du Maire, were also documenting the front wall behind the scenes. It was a huge graffiti operation. Each artist plays a part. The precision freehand of BIO can’t ever be duplicated. CRASH’s color ways could easily beat out any rainbow and BG’s details exceed any sketch I’ve ever seen in person. I officially labeled Nicer as the “Michelangelo of graffiti.” His characters, hands down, are eclectic. Covering the front wall was special working closely for first time with Nick Walker and DAZE, they are both extremely creative and cool artists. During the day, a few legendary writers passed by to show love, and others were prepping the inside wall for GHOF annual celebration. The creativity and skill level Tats Cru delivers while painting anything comes from complete true stories filled with real Bronx Hip-hop spirit.

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