Who Painted “The Wall” With Big Pun

Published on: July 2, 2018

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Who Painted “The Wall” with Big Pun? BG183’s “The Wall,” a Solo Exhibition answered many mural questions. There were some that spoke louder than others, but the outline was complete when BG183 and Nicer sprayed the true story about original Big Pun mural. Wall Works atmosphere filled the air with sounds of “The Writer’s Bench.”

“The Wall” displayed 29 bright pieces, bombed with signature fire hydrants, and trademark colors. BG’s spray cans paint a unique style, which portray South Bronx buildings and elevated trains. He is self-motivated, and has ability to switch art styles instantly like a switch hitter. I asked, “What does BG stand for?” He said, “It stands for BRING. When I played baseball, I was always able to bring home the runners.”

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Drawing since the early 80s listening to all types of music, and while attending James Monroe High School in the South Bronx, Sotero “BG183” Ortiz, met graffiti artist, Nicer, and BIO in art class. Later, he was put down with Tats Cru. Nicer was eventually put down a year later and the rest is history. Tats Cru has been coloring the Bronx, and the world for over 25 years.

So, after listening to entire Tats Cru history. I asked, “Who is responsible for drawing the original Big Pun mural?” As Nicer recalls, “We were already out on promotion for “Yeeeah Baby” and the call came in.” Actually, BG told me, Nicer outlined Big Pun character, and BG183 helped fill it in. The first Big Pun mural was created by BG183, BIO, Nicer, How, and Nosm. Since then several Big Pun murals have painted only by Tats Cru.

The Bronx is the most colorful borough, and BG183’s “The Wall” Solo Exhibition is only a quarter of Graffiti history. You cannot imitate nor duplicate what Tats have created. Their trademark hydrants, hearts, characters and colors define a essential chapter of Hip-hop style.

BG183 said, “When we painted the RIP Big Pun mural. Fat Joe knew he didn’t expect anything, but the best from the TATS CRU.”

“The Wall” continuing through March 29TH at Wall Works.

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  1. The Wall was a collaborative graffiti mural created by the talented artists Big Pun and Nice On Equipment, showcasing their incredible skills and creativity.

  2. Big Pun collaborated with the talented artist The Wall on the track, showcasing their combined skills and delivering a delightful musical experience.

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