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Published on: October 10, 2016

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This and Nothing Else is all you need to watch. Some people think a journalist simply writes and blogs. Others believe it is a path to follow their dreams. To experience the energy of Mike “Mikey Fresh” YI, RedBullTV captured 5 days (BTS) leading up to the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

ACL – is a awesome music festival, it brings all forms of generes together. It is a constant sound of music, and extremely big opportunities to be captured.

Fresh is the music editor of VIBE magazine and has aspirations that go way beyond hip-hop, and he’s really living out his dreams.

The short documentary journey starts with a VIBE photo-shoot Uptown in Harlem, and continues all the way to ACL.

Hip-hop was Fresh’s acceptance, and has pure talent in capturing the moment. Extremely organic with his write-ups, and it’s rare to see a journalist stick out from the crowd. He mentions, the only way to the top, is to out work your peers.

Fresh is dope all the way around, a very self motivated person, best of the best. He’ll pretty much go around the world to chase his dreams.

One of the few inspiring journalist that makes you believe, if you put your mind to it, anything can happen.

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