Global Spin Awards – DJ Expo 2015

Published on: April 28, 2016

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The 1st ever Global Spin Awards DJ Expo 2015 was held in NYC and it was outstanding. Powered by Power Moves Inc founding father Shawn Prez and Revolt TV. Pioneers, Radio Personalities, and up and coming DJs of the world united. The atmosphere was amazing and electrifying through out the exposition. The highlight of the afternoon was meeting and experiencing Hip-hop Top Shotta, Jonathan Mannion set. It was super original, he converted all his iconic Album covers into DJ slip mats and hung them on the backdrop to shoot. Honorably, I snapped a few photos behind the legend. However, what stood out to me the most was how Radio stations choose to preserve the element of Hip-hop. Please explain yourself, why Power 105.1 FM didn’t have turntables in there booth? I guess Hot 97 got the e-mail, because under their tent definitely was two sets of Technique 1200 Turntables, not CDJs. I understand the favoritism for equipment, but to preserve the culture and element during the 1st ever DJ Expo was subsequently essential to have 1s and 2s to display the true DJ talent.

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